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    15/06/2015 - Enforcement Of Foreign Judgements - Olivier Binder

    Kluwer publishes the French chapter, written by Olivier Binder, of the manual Enforcement of Foreign Judgements.

    The manual Enforcement of Foreign Judgements lists the relevant information and specific documentation which are required to implement the enforcement of a foreign judgement procedure. Regularly updated, the manual allows users to research a particular country’s requirements regarding the enforcement policies without the need to search numerous separate sources. It takes into account the legislative policy of each country, regardless of the international conventions. It addresses the most pertinent specifications, requirements, and legislation of each individual nation.

    Olivier Binder updated and issued the French chapter of the manual.

    Click here to access the full chapter and view the purchase information > Enforcement of Foreign Judgement

    Source : Kluwer


Olivier Binder