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    11/03/2016 - Global Tax Policy Conference 2016 : intervention of Nicolas Duboille

    Nicolas Duboille participates at the Global Tax Policy Conference 2016, in Dublin.

    The Harvard Kennedy School and the Irish Tax Institute are hosting the 2016 Global Tax Policy Conference in Dublin Castle (Ireland from 9-11 March 2016) : "Policy conference : new rules for a new area. The impact on countries and companies".

    Nicolas Duboille, tax partner, will intervene during the conference review with Alumni of the Harvard Kennedy School COMTAX programme (Friday, 11 March) on :
    - the big global tax issues raised throughout the Conference and in general.
    - blue sky” thinking on what are the biggest challenges and opportunities in the area of global tax.

    The Professor Jay Rosengard, as Chair, will pose questions to encourage discussion amongst the panel.

    More information about the Global Tax Policy Conference 2016

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